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RV Trip Plans…

This summer as many of you know, we are embarking on what has been a dream in our family for a long time. We are finally hitting the road in an RV!  Through a unique set of circumsntance, we will be finding ourselves traveling from New Jersey down to Florida, and back again within a period of 3.5 weeks.

Part of the reason we have been drawn to the RV trip is the simplicity.  We want to experience this beautiful country of ours, without fancy entertainment or distractions.  I am looking forward ot the family time and being on our own schedule- free to go wherever our hearts take us each day.

I also am looking forward to the small quarters, if that makes sense; I am ready to leave the house behind and just have each other. While I am anitcipating meltodwns, tension, and who knows what else, I know it will give us unique memories.

Most importantly this trip will bring us closer to God. 
When all else is stripped away, we can fully rely on Him. 

When the distractions of the world and the busyness are distant, we see Him more clearly.  When we have those moments of tension, we are forced to run to Him.  When we awaken in His Creation, we will be able to fully worship Him without hinderance.  I can’t wait.

I plan on blogging the journey. I plan on sharing the nitty gritty, so stay tuned.  Follow us on our adventure. Make sure you are subscribed here or via facebook and twitter.

My talented hubby is also planing on filming the entire thing, and hopes to make a documentary after we return about our experience. So be sure to follow us…the good, the bad, and the ugly will be shared.  But most of all, praying for life changes as we pursue Simply Living…for Him.


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