homemakers challenge

Homemaker’s Challenge

Please check out my new endeavor, contributing to Homemaker’s Challenge.  This is an amazing site founded by Amy Bayliss who is incredible!

Homemakers Challenge

From the site: 
“Homemaker’s Challenge is a site dedicated to providing ideas, encouragement, tip, tricks and challenges to today’s homemaker. There aren’t many women who wholeheartedly enjoy every process of creating a home but with a few skills and insightful perspectives we can learn to like it a bit more.”

How fun!
And I get to contribute?
God is so GOOD!

I must say, my blog here at Simply Living…for Him is my passion.  Many times it is my heart written out in words.

It’s my baby. I love it. I feel most at home when I am writing, and I love encouraging others.  When my readers tell me I have written something that has touched them, my soul sings!

And what I love about Homemaker’s Challenge is that it has ingnited my fire again for homemaking. So many times in my quest for simplicity I can swing the pendulum too far and wonder, if any of the details of life matter at all?  There’s a balance.

While I aim to focus on God above all, He did create us to enjoy this life– our homes, our families, and even some details.

In homemaking, I am raising my children in a  home where they are loved and cared for and will know it.  

Because Mommy makes the home a priority.

Oh how I love the calling of homemaking.  Do you?
Head over to Homemaker’s Challenge.  There is an amazing group of women on the team and I am honored to be a part of it.
You will be inspired!
See you over there!

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