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This Whole Blogging Thing…{sometimes it’s not so simple}

When I started my blog it was merely a journal.  I shared with some people as way for us to preserve our memories of homeschool and let others see what we were doing. Mostly family and friends.

Little by little, I started writing more and participating in more online media.  I really enjoyed writing.  And the online homeschooling community is a wonderful place of love and support by many, many wise women.

It became quite fun for me.  I am blessed to be a part of it.

I have a love of writing and encouraging others. I really do.  When people write me and tell me that my stories have encouraged them in any way, I feel rich.

Recently I wrote my first short ebook and published it.  But I never want to lose sight of why I write. To glorify GOD in all my work, and to encourage others along the way.

The blog world can be complicated.  It can easily become about getting people to your site and stats.

I do not want that to be the goal of my site.  While I am selling my book for a minimal price, and am an affiliate, I never, ever want the focus of my site to be a money maker.  It is nice to make some money while doing what I love {which I really haven’t made much of anything off this site yet}, but it is not the goal of this site.

That’s where it gets complicated. How to reconcile the ministry aspect with the money aspect.  I don’t ever want to cross a line where my integrity is at stake.  I don’t want think more about the quantity of readers, than the quality of writing.

I want the focus to be on HIM and on my readers being encouraged.  So while I may have things for sale, my biggest payment comes from knowing that I have connected with someone out there.

So please know, I truly write for HIS glory. Not mine. And I do not want it to become about numbers and getting the most “hits.”

I want it to be for Him.

Proverbs 16:8
Better is a little with righteousness than great income with injustice.

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