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Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand…Link Up

Have you checked out Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand yet?  It’s a great resource full of reviews of curriculum from a Biblical perspective.  I contribute over there as well!

Today is a link up with the question,

“How do you handle computer use in your homeschool with your children? Do you allow them to have non school related time on the computer? How much? What do they typically do? Also, What subjects do your children do on the computer? If it is a program, which one? Likes/dislikes.”

In our homeschool computers are a must, for the simple fact of the world we live in. We must be proficient in computers since the world relies on them so much.

In our homeschool we have used computers in various ways.  Early on, it was for fun learning games such as and other free learning sites.  We have moved on to SpellCity as well.

My son, 8, loves to use the computer for computer art. My husband is a graphic designer, so luckily we have a computer that is just for the kids to use loaded with all of the graphic design programs.  I would love for him to learn coding and programming as he gets older.

We have also used the computer to create Power Point presentations in our homeschool. Both of my older children (10, 8) have learned to use this program and make some really fun presentations for science.

This year my daughter (10) is creating her own blog. It is private, so only those invited can see it, but it is another step in her learning all of the ways in which we can use computers.  And it is a great way to develop her writing skills. It excites her to write knowing other people will read her blog.

The computer is definitely an indispensable resource in today’s homeschool.  How do you use the computer in your homeschool?

Head over and link up at Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand!

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