Simply Homeschool: Phys. Ed Fun and So Much More!

Today we went to the park for some spontaneous phys ed.

It was a blast!

We walked the walking track, did sprints, and various calisthenics.  The kids loved it!

What I realized was there was so much more than phys ed.

There was:
Math- We talked about distance, measurement, fractions, speed, rate, etc.  We figured out how many miles we would walk in an hour at certain speeds, how many we would walk in different intervals, etc.  We talked about fractions of a mile.  We figured out many different problems as walked the track.  
Way better than just reading word problems in a math book.  
This was truly living math!

Science/Nature-Lots of plants, bugs, birds, and nature to be observed. We talked about all of them as we passed by…

We also talked noticed the cloud types too…

Health and nutrition-We talked about exercise and the importance on health.  We noticed how good we felt after our exercise.  We also discussed why some of us got a cramp when we walked!

This was just a small taste of the big things we can do with an activity like this.  I am definitely going to incorporate this more in the future to our days.  There are lots more lessons to be learned.

These are the days I love homeschooling.  Learning through life. Each and every day…And having fun as a family doing it!

Oh, and we finished off with a refreshing treat! (An Icee from Sam’s Club!)

What unexpected ways have you learned lately in your homeschool?  Comment below!

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