The Wonder of Boys-Simple and fun idea for learning

Boys are so much fun.  The other day Luke told me he wanted to take apart something. He wanted to see the insides of something electronic.
The next day he went around looking for something broken that he could take apart.  We had an old video camera and an old digital camera.  So I gave the boys some screw drivers and off they went.

They literally spent hours taking apart the cameras and examining the insides.  Then they each got a baggie to hold all of the “parts’ from their disassembled item.

Two days later, they continue to go in the bags, playing with the parts, and still unscrewing, re-screwing things.

Boys are so fun.  I love to see how their minds work.  To try and figure out how these devices work, to talk about their pieces, and to put them back together.

Another example of “who needs toys?”  I don’t know of any better way to learn or play than to use these real life items to explore.

Now…as long as they don’t take apart anything that actually still works…we’re good…

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