Loving Living Math- Review

I “met” Cindy West at Heart of the Matter’s Online Conference where she presented a session on living math.  Since I follow the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling somewhat, this appealed to me.

I absolutely loved her presentation and gleaned so many great ideas to use living math in my homeschool.

I checked out her site and bought the Loving Living Math e-book.  I can truly say, it has not been a disappointment!  It is chock full of ideas on applying living math to your homeschool.  There are so many practical activities to use as well.

I have already implemented some of them and they have been a hit. She also writes about using logic and gave some resources.  So I purchased some Mind Bender Books from Critical Thinking Press, and they have been awesome!

This e-book was a refresher for me because so many times I think about applying living math to our day, but then don’t know where to begin.  Cindy tells us why to use living math, how to use it, and where to find good resources.  She even supplies some games in this book.

As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to make some more purchases from her site for other subjects.  There are tons of great nature books.

Check out her site when you get a chance- don’t wait!  It is truly a wonderful find.  Her blog is, which is awesome and her site for books is
These days when I am trying to “pare” down all of the sites with great resources, this is one that will definitely stay on my list of bookmarks.

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