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Here is an excerpt from my latest article at Heart of the Matter Online!

People ask me all the time how I manage to homeschool three children, in different age groups, all the while having a toddler underfoot.
It doesn’t phase me one bit, because I know many people with more children that homeschool as well.  But for many, they can’t see how it works-teaching multiple ages.   Yet it’s really not as challenging as it sounds.
This year we have had the most kids doing homeschool since we began homeschooling, and it has actually been our best year yet!  Since all the kids are home doing school, it actually makes things easier.  Everyone is on the same page! (and well, the 2 year  old…he just simply takes it all in!)
It’s all a matter of simplifying our approach.  My first and foremost goal is always to raise godly children, with a strong faith, and also just as importantly- a family that is close.

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