Meal Plan

Ok, as an add-on to my last post~ I went grocery shopping tonight and this is what I planned for the week ahead:

Lasagna (cheese and spinach), salad, bread
A whole roaster chicken with potatoes, salad, and corn
Homemade Pizza (plain for kids, and leftover roasted veggies for mom and dad)
Spaghetti Sunday (idea: sautee garlic and olive oil in pan, add brocolli, parmesan and toss with pasta)
Potato soup topped with cheddar, bread
Enchiladas, with rice, beans, corn on the side
Roasted veggie (zucinni, eggplant, green beans, peppers, red onion)wraps with feta (kids will prob. have grilled cheese)

Thought you may like to see a menu plan in action!
Happy Planning!

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