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A revelation in prayer…

Last night I was praying and had such a revelation.  Now, it is something I have always “known” but not something I truly “got” until last night.

Recently I have been studying about different theologies in regards to predestination, free will, etc.  Of course that always leads to the question, “…if God is sovereign and knows all that will happen already, why do we pray?  if it is decided already by God-the outcome-and we can’t change his mind, why are we praying?”  These are the kinds of thoughts that will keep me up at night for hours! 🙂

Now I know that the reason we pray is to align ourselves with His will and to be in relationship with Him, but do you ever have one of those moments where you don’t just know it, you feel it?  That was me last night!

M family has some specific things we are praying for right now.  And last night as I was talking with the Lord about them, I felt Him telling me that I must continue to pray.  Not for the specific outcome that I want, but to keep coming to Him in prayer so that I will align my heart  with His will.  So that we will be in relationship.  My prayer is not going to make God do anything, but when I come to Him in prayer it brings my heart into alignment with His will.  He hears my requests and still will chose to do what He wants, but it brings my relationship with Him to a  greater level.

I felt so close to Him last night when I was praying, feeling Him confirming all that I have known already.  So now I will continue to strengthen my relationship with Him through prayer, knowing that He will always work for good.  

 As Romans 8:28 so beautifully puts it,
“For I know all things work for good for those who love Him according to His purposes.”

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