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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It started out with me letting little things get me stressed, but ended up fabulous.  I tried to “simplify” by making both my turkey and mashed potatoes differently.  And after stressing that they would fail, they turned out great…God is so good!

Once the early-on stress went away, it was a relaxing day with wonderful family.  Grace helped me that day quite a bit and for that I was grateful.  I am happy to see her picking up some of the skills of have been trying to teach her along the way.

The day before Thanksgiving she and I decorated and did the table settings.  I asked her if she wanted to make place cards, and she went and got out some craft supplies and designed these beautiful and fun place cards! I love how she personalized each one for the person’s personality!

Hope your day was Simply Blessed too!

Oh and stay tuned for a Simple Christmas Challenge coming very soon!

Ethan’s place card…our littlest blessing 🙂
Mommy’s place card
Daddy’s place card
A Family card placed in the center of the table

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