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My son will be 2 next week.  It has been so fun watching (once again!) a little baby turn into a toddler, who can think, feel, and now express himself.  To see him discovering the world little by little each day…to see him mimic everything his brother and sister do….to see him loving life!  He is so full of smiles, and he is so excited by the world around him.

But what really brings me joy in my soul, is to see him knowing God.  That’s right…knowing God!  I see it each day.  It is amazing to see that we are all born with that innate desire, love, and wonder for our Lord.  It is there.  I have seen it in each of my kids.  They know there is a God.  They just do.

I remember when my daughter was about 3 years old and I walked out of the room for a moment at lunch time.  I walked back in and I saw the most beautiful sight.  She was bowing her head, hands folded, and praying before she ate her meal.  No one told her to, but she was thanking God for her food.

Well now my 2 year old has been giving me glimpses of this lately.  I’ve been singing the song “Holy Holy Holy” to him recently.  Now every night before bed, I hear him in his crib humming the tune of it while he falls asleep.  Imagine, he worships as he drifts to sleep! This morning he was actually singing the song to himself when he woke up…in his own “baby talk” way.

I asked him today, “Where is God?” and he pointed up.  He knows!  He knows there is a God!  It is something that everyone is born with, and it is during these simple times that you can see that!  There is no reasoning on doctrine, no conflicts about legalistic rules, no worrying about which “version” of the Bible is correct, and no analyzing various theologies.  No conflicts about traditional worship, contemporary worship, or blended.  No worrying about what others think, if we’re off tune, if we’re raising our hands, bowing down, or just  sitting…Nope.  Just pure, simple, in- born love for God.   An authentic worship of God.  All he knows right now is God’s love for him, and the love that he feels for his Creator.  It isn’t distracted by all of the “grown up” things that get in our way of authentically worshipping our Lord.

And it makes Him drift of to sleep peacefully…
…humming “Holy Holy Holy.”  

I can’t think of any other more pure or beautiful act of worship….

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