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I am trying to decide how to set up our workboxes for next year.  I am thinking of using a folder system, or a drawer system.  I have also seen discussions on The Homeschool Lounge about a weekly system. So many choices, so many things to decide!  But it’s just details.  I am trying to keep my eyes on the bigger picture and the goal of all this.   I want the children to love learning, be independent thinkers, and most importantly, put God first in all they do.

Speaking of independent thinkers, I gave Grace a summer assignment recently.  She had 2 weeks to read a book about the American Revolution.  Well the deadline is Monday and she finally started today.  So that gives her just 5 days, when she had 14.  She is just like me, as that is how I was too as a kid.  Still can be…always work better under pressure! 🙂  She told me the book is boring because she knows everything in it already. I told her in life you will get assignments to do  things  that you do not like.  I want to see how she handles the independent assignment.  I plan on really working on that with her next year as well.

I am also trying to set up a schedule for next year.  I loved hearing Teri Maxwell  speak at ENOCH’s Homeschool Convention a few weeks ago about Managers of Their Homes.  I love the idea of having a schedule in place so that when days get overwhelming, there is nothing to think about.  I would really love to get everything planned out a few months ahead so I can just use the schedule and not have too think to much once we get started!

I also want to focus on various goals for each child this year.  I need to make a list for each child.  I love Simply Charlotte Mason for this.  That is a GREAT source and resource to have.

I do want to enjoy summer though and not think too hard just yet about next year.  I think once we return from vacation I will really focus on September.  But for now, I will just enjoy the moments of summer.  And live in the moment…afterall, September will be here before we know it!

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