Today we started to watch the movie 1776.  How FUN!  A friend of mine recommended it when I told her we were going to Philadelphia a few weeks ago.  Well we finally got around to watching it today, and it is fantastic! The kids and I are loving it.  We watched about half of it, since it is almost 3 hours long.  Hopefully, tomorrow we will watch the rest.

The thing I love is that it is telling the story of the months leading up to writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence.  It is a musical, but it is not set entirely to music.  The characters are great and watching this movie is bringing to life all that we have learned about this time period.  Yes, we talked about Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, but on the screen today they came alive!  The kids can really now “know” these characters.  Plus most of it takes place in Independence Hall, which we visited while in Philadelphia, which the kids really got a kick out of seeing in the movie.

1776 is very entertaining, yet full of historical events.  So while fun to watch, we are also learning.  It’s fascinating and I truly enjoy learning right along with the kids.  I wasn’t sure at first if the movie would be enjoyable for them, but they LOVED it.  Even John, who is only 5 liked it.  About 3/4 of the way through, he did get up and get something to color, but he kept looking up from his work to watch the movie.  He definitely didn’t tune it out.  He has really matured over this past year.

Once again, another fun homeschooling activity.  Another day to be grateful to be homeschooling…

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