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“SUN” Day!!

Today was our “SUN” Day of the year!!  We have decided every year, instead of taking off for “snow” days like the schools do, we work on those days and then when the weather turns nice, we get a “SUN” day!  We celebrate the warm weather and get out there and ENJOY it!

The weather was about 70 degrees here today.  After a very cold and wet winter, it felt great to close the books and just have fun outdoors!   First we went to a local farm.  The kids visited the animals and we played outside for awhile.  Then we bought some fresh fruits and veggies at the market and some ice cream!  We came home and the kids spent the entire afternoon outside.  They played a game using their imagination by building a whole “house” on our front porch.  The game went on for hours. It was GREAT!  And we got lots of Vitamin D! 🙂

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