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Junior Lego League Team

For the past few months, we have gotten together with another homeschooling family to create our own Junior Lego League team.  Each week we met to work on the challenge for this year.  The challenge involved researching how an item gets from one place to another.  Our team picked soccer balls.  They researched and found that most soccer balls are made in Pakistan.  After the research was complete, the children had to use legos to construct a model showing how the soccer balls got to our homes.  Each child was assigned one part of the model.  Grace made the flag of Pakistan out of Legos.  One of the other teammates made a truck showing how the balls would go from the factory to the boats waiting to export the soccer balls.  Luke made a cargo boat to demonstrate that part.  Another teammate made another truck demonstrating how the soccer balls got to the stores once in the U.S.

Another component of the challenge was to make a poster displaying all the children had learned.  

This was  a really fun activity these past few months.  It was a great experience for the children to participate as a team in the challenge, so that they could learn how to solve these types of problems as a team.  The research aspect was also very enlightening and great activity for the children.
Our team was very relaxed, and at this level of Lego teams, there are no “competitions.” However you are free to participate in any exhibitions to show off your creation.  We decided to just meet on our own and had a family pizza night where the kids presented their work to our families.  It was a great ending!

All in all, I am glad we decided to participate on this team.  Someday, I think Luke may be interested in competing on the competitive Lego robotics teams, but for now this was a great introduction.

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