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Grace and I have decided to start a special “journal” between the two of us.  It will be  a special journal that we can write in whenever we want to, but we are writing to the other person.  It can be a simple note to say “I love you.” Or if there is something she feels she needs to talk about, she can write to me in there.  If there is a question she has, and is more comfortable writing it down, then it goes in the journal.

I like this idea because I myself am a much better communicator in writing than in person.  I can always express myself better in a letter.  As Grace approaches the years where she may have  lots of questions, concerns, feelings going on, I thought it would be  a good way to keep the lines of communication open between us.

This morning I wrote the first entry.  I just wrote, “Good Morning Grace.  Welcome to our journal and I love you.”  I left it on top of her Bible, so that when she woke up and went to read her Bible, she would see the note.  I hope it is the beginning of a very special book for us…

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