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Our Schedule

lessonplan scheduleMany people ask me what our daily schedule looks like.   How do I manage to teach 3 kids and take care of a baby, etc.?  (a secret…the baby is actually the easiest part!! )
Well it is never exactly the same everyday, but we do have a general schedule that we follow on the days that we are just home and not doing extra curriculars during the day (Tuesdays we are at the  FAITH center all day for fine arts:  Luke takes art and Grace takes dance, drama, violin, and is in the orchestra)

Here is a “typical” day in our home this winter:

6-7am Mom wakes up.  Read Bible, pray, then hit the shower.  Throw a load of laundry in.  I usually do at least 1 or 2 loads each day.

7 am-children wake up, read their Bibles

They have this time to get dressed, shower (Grace), take care of personal hygiene, make beds, eat breakfast.  We usually eat together, and breakfast is either cereal,  toast, eggs, etc.

Then they do some assigned chores.  Grace dusts all the furniture  and puts away her clean laundry at this time. Luke empties trash cans around the house and takes out recycling.  Various other chores change daily.

9 am: Ethan goes down for AM nap.  The rest of us gather on the couch for our Bible time and devotions.  We talk about what each of us read in the Bible that morning, sometimes reading some more.  We discuss our character trait of the week.  Right now we are working on obedience. Then we work on our memory verse (our church is doing a memory verse competition with another local church and we are all participating)

Next we do a devotion, right now we are reading from “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.”

Next we do History.  We have been loosely following “Beautiful Feet’s Early American History Study Guide.”  I have followed along with their timeline, yet I have taken each period a little further with the kids.  We spent much more time on the Pilgrims, and others areas we were interested in.  RIght now we are studying Ben Franklin.  So at this time, I read aloud historical literature on the particular subject.  Sometimes they complete a notebook assignment in their History notebooks.

After History, we take out Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  I read aloud a few pages.  We then sometimes use some internet resources to look up the particular subject of the day. (ex. Mars rover explorations when we studied Mars, videos of the Moon Landing when we studied the moon, etc.)  Many times we also have an assignment either in their science notebooks to complete, or a project.  Experiments or hands on projects are done most days.

On Thursdays we do not do History and Science in the morning, but we do any or all of the following: Composer study, Artist Study or Picture Study, Geography, Hymn study, Nature study.

We do some Spanish, have done Latin in the past.  We are working on setting up a Spanish curriculum, I’d LOVE to get Rosetta Stone or there is the possibility of a Spanish teacher friend of ours teaching in the future.

Once we finish these subjects, usually around 10:30-11 am, the kids then have to complete their workboxes. I am available to help them with any of the boxes.  Most of Luke’s boxes I have to sit and do with him, but Grace can work independently on most of hers.  I do try to spend a good deal of time sitting with them and teaching them individually as often as needed.

Grace has 10-12 boxes, Luke has 8, and John has 4-5.   Each box has an assignment that they need to complete that day.  They are to go in order.  Usually after 2 or 3 boxes, I will put something “fun” in one, such as a game, craft, or computer time.  Grace’s  boxes always have a  Math U See lesson, Spellwell assignment (Friday is always a test), Reading assignment (usually 1-2 chapters in whatever literature book we have chosen for her),  violin practice (20 min) , dance practice (30 min.), a journal assignment (creative writing), a handwriting assignment (cursive practice), AWANA verses practice, and Language Lessons for Elementary students.  Other things I may include are various games, pottery, cooking, learning games, devotional books, various activities, etc.

Luke’s boxes have  a Math  U See Lesson, Handwriting, and Explode the Code assignment (spelling, phonics, reading, writing), reading aloud to Mom from an assigned book, speech practice, AWANA verses practice, and then various “fun” things such as legos, crafts, learning games, flash cards,etc.

John’s workboxes are just filled with fun kindergarten things. Games, puzzles, a “Math” Book, and his Explode the Code Primer book (letters, sounds, phonics).  I also will read some picture books to him.  I try to spend 30 min. of just kindergarten time with him alone at least 2-3 times per week.

We have lunch at 12 pm.  We eat together, and Grace usually helps prepare lunch or does it all herself for us.  Afterwards, they finish whatever boxes they haven’t completed before lunch.  Usually by 2 pm everyone is finished, and then Ethan takes his PM nap.   Everyone, including Mom, has “quiet time.” At this time they can read, play quietly, John can watch a movie, etc.

Then later in the day we often have friends over our house or the kids go to friend’s houses, we do a  Lego team once a week, or just play at home until around 5 pm when we have dinner.  I try to plan meals one week ahead and that is working well.  Wednesday nights we have choir and AWANA at church.

Oh, and we try to get outside as much as possible.  Even on cold days, I encourage them to play outside.  As the weather gets warmer, we will be spending much more time outdoors.  Scavenger hunts, nature sketches, hiking, reading outside, gardening, anything to just enjoy the outdoors will all be part of our day!

So this is just a peak into our day…it’s ever-changing and this is just a small sample!  I’m always tweaking things, and as in any busy family not everyday is so predictable!  **And a disclaimer!!** We have days that are not smooth sometimes!  Days where the kids complain, days where it takes waaaayyyyy longer to get through our work, and days where maybe Mommy has a headache, etc.  But we always remember, life is a classroom…Each day presents new learning opportunities, and they are always “real life” learning.  We learn to deal with the struggles of a bad day, and we learn from each other.  The kids are learning so much just by living each day in the real world.  And for that, I am thankful for our homeschool.

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