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Walking in Truth…

We started back today after a nice long break.  I had told the kids we would be implementing a new schedule and also would be making a time for Bible reading in the morning as well as chore time.  It worked out amazingly well today!  I really want to instill in the kids the habit of reading their Bible each day.  This would be a habit I would hope the carry on into adulthood.  I am trying to be diligent about spending time with the Lord in the morning BEFORE everything else.  I know if I focus on Him first each day, the rest of my day will go much smoother.  So I explained this to the kids, and they were all excited to start doing this.  Luke just received his own “grown up” Bible for Christmas, and he was excited to begin reading it.  Last night I put all their Bible’s next to their beds, so when they woke this morning, it would be there and they could pick it up before they even got out of bed.

I woke up before the kids and came downstairs to see a beautiful sunrise!  The sky was literally hot pink!  I knew God was blessing my morning already.  I read from Proverbs 4, and verse 18 says, “The path of the righteousness is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter til the full light of day.”  It was like God was right there speaking to me, complete with the illustration of the sunrise to go with His Word! Amazing!!  

Luke came downstairs next and asked if he could read his Bible with me. What a delight!  We read a bit from the Old testament and it was some very special time for the two of us.

When I went upstairs to check on the other kids, Grace was in her bed reading her Bible, truly a delight to my eyes, and John was also flipping pages in his beginner storybook Bible.  What a way to start our day.

After we got dressed, ate breakfast, and did the chores I assigned (and they did them cheerfully, I may add!) we began our devotion.  I shared with the children the passages I had read earlier in the morning from Proverbs.  Then Grace shared with us that she read from 2John and 3John.  She said she read the verse in 3 John 4 that says, “I have no greater joy than this,  to hear of my children  walking in the Truth.”  She had written this out as one of her first verses she wrote in cursive last year, and we have it framed and hanging in our home.  I feel this verse is perfect for our family, because that is our main goal for the children, that they are walking in the Truth.  It was a great devotion time today and I will cherish it always!

The rest of our day went pretty smoothly, with everyone doing History and Science together and then completing their workboxes.  We had a few bumps here and there, and a few frustrations, but I am so glad we started our day off with the Lord…it makes those bumps in the road a little easier to handle.

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